Monday, Monday, Monday…

It’s 5:50 am and I’m already ready to go back to bed!! Sadly, I won’t be back in bed til eight or nine tonight…

My morning routine is a bit eccentric. It doesn’t take much time for me to get ready – 40 minutes tops – and I leave for school at 7 am, but I wake up at 5. I like to be able to get up, go on the internet for a bit, leisurely eat my breakfast, drink my coffee, chat with my dad before he leaves for work, etc. THEN at six I go get ready for school.

This morning I woke up starving so I had a huge breakfast. 410 calories as opposed to my usual 200-300. Oh well – it’s Monday & I’m probably going for at least a 3 mi run tonight. Anyway, no picture, but I had my cereal mix with a side of toast. Dave’s Killer Bread is soooo good! I topped it with a little Smart Balance Light

The Academy Awards were really good last night – I like how the show is more fast-paced and viewer friendly this year. Hugh Jackman was a good host!!  cried when Heath’s family accepted the award..and possibly when Queen Latifah sang & the slideshow was played. I’m a softie like my daddy. 

 Almost six – I must go & get ready!

Au revoir.<3

February 23, 2009. Day to day.

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