Fat Tuesday!

Ugh, I have not had a good day today. It began with sleeping past my alarm and it will end with not going to sleep until two hours later than I’d like. 

Around lunchtime today, I had a Luna bar, hoping it would make me a bit less ravenous for my afternoon snack and less likely to over eat. Backfired!! I was super irritable and so hungry I was dizzy by the time I got home at three. I had an apple and a salad full of beans, but twenty minutes later, still hungry, so I picked at a mini cookie from a few days ago and a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread. Both are now gone. And then I waited like an hour and was STILL hungry, so I had an Alternative Bagel with some peanut butter. More than I needed! I need to work on my eating schedule, for sure. I just did an ab workout that I love, but no time to get a run in today.. Hopefully I’ve have the willpower & energy tomorrow! 

Honestly, all I want to do at the moment is sleep. Unfortunately, my first driver’s ed class is in a half hour until 7. UGH. When am I going to eat dinner?!?! I have it for 2 1/2 months (I think) every Tuesday & Thursday so I need to figure out a plan…

Au revoir.<3

February 25, 2009. Day to day.

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