Big Hearty Salad.

Good afternoon!

I meant to post again yesterday, but plans changed and I was out of the house before I expected to be. Last night was pretty wild – that’s all I’m going to say online! ;] 

I had a nice run yesterday – four miles, but afterwards I felt bloated and gross. Perhaps from the sugar binge the previous night or guzzling water throughout my run? I had a salad afterwards but it was light and not filling so I had my typical Puffs/Puffins/soymilk/banana mixture too. Later that night, I snacked on a Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bar at the party while pizza was served, then had an Amy’s soup – minestrone- late last night when I got home, starving. This morning I woke up feeling not too chipper so I laid around in bed until about ten. This is rare for me – I’m more of a get up & go kind of girl! My stomach wasn’t feeling it, though, so I rested, read cookbooks, and ordered Veganomicon [: 

When I finally got up, I showered and had a breakfast of ‘yogurt mess’ – blueberries, banana, WholeSoy Vanilla Yogurt, and 1/2 cup Peanut Butter Puffins. I did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and around the house, did some homework, etc. At one my tummy was growling and it was time for lunch!

Salad was on my mind so I made a nice, hearty one to make up for the other day’s lame one. Mixed greens, corn, kidney beans, chickpeas, and steamed broccoli was what I had on hand. I used a nice squeeze of fresh lemon juice instead of dressing, which my friends & family think is gross, but I love the taste of my leafy greens! Thick salad dressings cover it up too much for me. 

This salad was huge and I didn’t finish it. It will be easily made into another meal with some more lettuce. (The last picture is what was left over).

After last night, I’m not feeling a run today or any formal exercise. Instead, my mom and I are taking two of our three rescued dogs on a looooong walk downtown and around the waterfront neighborhoods. I’m walking Lindsey, our most recent addition, which is a year 0ld Plott Hound/German Shorthair Pointer mix, and my mom is taking José, who were told is a three year old Puggle but we think of him as a little Mexican street dog. I’ll put pictures up sometime & you’ll see what I mean.

Au revoir! ❤

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Good morning!

I really need to start taking pictures of my meals – I always forget! This morning I had an Alternative Bagel toasted with some natural peanut butter, a Granny Smith apple (& a bit more pb with that) and a large banana. I’m about to go for a run – not really in the mood so I’ll probably keep it at three or four miles. Majorly splurged on cookies last night so I haaave to do something! 

Also, I’m going to be playing with themes a lot until I find one I like. I’m still figuring out how to navigate WordPress..

More later<3

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Just a quickie to say hello-

February 10, 2009

Hello – I am, once again, Kasey. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog for a few months now, and although I have no tangible goals for the future of this, I finally decided to just start writing. I religiously keep a food journal and read a few food-centric blogs just as religiously (namely my favorites; and – Kath & Jenna are very inspiring!). I also have been a journaler since I first learned to read and am an avid reader. I attend a public high school, fairly small, on the Kitsap Peninsula in Western Washington. I am set to graduate in 2012 – yes, I am naught but a freshman. I’m very happy with my life, despite how monotonous it can get, and I wish I could stay fifteen for an extra five years or so. [:

All throughout my life, I paid little to no attention to my diet. I particularly remember eating as many Oreos as I could get away with, dipped into a big glass of 2% milk, dozens of Totinos Pizza Rolls, every processed snack imaginable. I was never overweight – blessed with a jackrabbit metabolism, I was actually a very skinny little girl. Then, when I was fourteen, I got very sick with a serious infection was hospitalized for a few weeks. Not long, but long enough for my teenage skin to break out terribly & to be put on a hormone pill to control it. That sped up my adolescence, my body changed rapidly, and I went from about 117 pounds, (5’5″) to 129 pounds in the course of a few months. Naturally, this terrified me, and I became VERY obsessed with ‘healthy’ eating, exercise, etc. The hormone pill wouldn’t allow my weight to budge, though, and the scale just wouldn’t drop below 129. This prompted me to start studying nutrition and exercise, learning more and more everyday. Eventually, I got off that stupid pill, am am now (mostly) happily, healthily maintaining a weight of 120-125.

I am vegan. I made my resolution to lead as vegan of a lifestyle as I possibly could on August 9, 2008, and have never looked back. I come from a strictly omnivorous family where my loving, amazing mother cooks a full meal every night for the family – always, always, always with a meet entrée – my daddy simply would not have it any other way. However, since I have become vegan, my mom has ‘veganized’ everything she possibly can for me, bought thousands of dollars worth of food specifically for me – tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, canned beans, breads, soy yogurt & milk & ice cream, cereals, probably $1000 worth of Luna/Lara/Clif Nectar bars alone, all of that good stuff. I am so blessed that she is so supportive. While I drastically changed my eating habits, and now eat the healthier than anyone I’ve ever met, my mother also altered her lifestyle to be healthier, inspired (she says) by me.

I always, always, always say that whatever I’m writing will just be ‘short & sweet’ or a ‘quickie’ and it turns into a novel.

I’ll definitely continue more tomorrow, as well as start logging my daily food.

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Don’t Trust a Hoe!

Well, for the time being, absolutely no one is reading this, so I see no reason to treat it as a diary until I get my footing with blogging. I also need someone/thing to vent to at the moment, so here goes.

This morning, I woke up at 5 am, as usual on a school day – we had both Tuesday and Monday off, so it’s my ‘Monday’ today. Mornings are typically my favorite time of the day but this morning, as it was ‘Monday’, I was groggier than usual and therefore not as stoked to be awake as normal. Anyway, I jumped in the shower, then made myself breakfast: about 3/4 to 1 cup Peanut Butter Puffins (I swear there’s crack in these- SO addictive), 1/2 cup Kashi’s Whole Grain Puffs, one smallish banana, and probably half a cup of soy milk. I logged it as 250 calories

Afterwards, I finished getting ready for school, and off I was. I got to school at 7:15, as per usual, and settled myself for a good 45 minutes of morning reading. I’m currently reading Animal Liberation. I’m a tad embarrassed that I just started this book, as it is pretty much required reading of anyone who calls themself a vegan!! As Singer hoped in his preface, the book is provoking anger and determination in me with every chapter. I’d rather not talk about what my friends think of the books I’ve been reading these past couple months – they are not exactly accepting and supporting, as you can imagine. 

My classes were fine today, but I’m having some drama with my girlfriends. I have a tendency to get angry, defensive, downright bitchy when my friends are less than nice and even slightly disloyal, which is happening currently. Such high school drama, it sickens me, but it wouldn’t be 100% truthful to say that I’m completely above it myself. I digress.

I didn’t eat lunch today – I never do on school days. Bad, yes, I know, but it just isn’t convenient for me. I get out of school at 2:30 and promptly have a large snack, so I think it’s okay.

Today, my mom picked me up at 2:00 as I had a hair appointment & went tanning (yes, I know this is absolutely TERRIBLE, but so is teen acne & insecurities, both which tanning is the best medicine for, as well as melatonin production in the brain that is primarily caused by Vitamin D- let me tell you, you do not get enough of that in Washington State winters & tanning beds provide it). Before my appointment, I snacked on a Clif Nectar Cacao Bar, dark chocolate walnut flavor. It’s so moist, chewy, delicious- just like a brownie but so much healthier. This was 160 calories. I had a few red grapes once I got home, 30 calories, and a small Granny Smith apple with a bit of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter, 140 calories.  Someday I’ll get into photo journaling my food – blogs with pictures are so much more fun!! I read blogs & pittered around on the computer before doing a 20 minute ab workout I frequent on ‘On Demand’ – Jackie’s 1-on-1 Core Workout. It’s an easy one but surprisingly effective – my abs are much more toned since I started doing it. I’m calling it -100 calories. Then I couldn’t resist snacking on Rold Gold pretzels with Sabra hummus, about 100 calories worth.  
For dinner, I’m having broccoli, brown rice, and a whole acorn squash with Smart Balance Light. Just a warning- I’m a ridiculously boring eater when it comes to dinner. I’m usually too wiped out to really cook and my mom is preparing a non vegan dinner for the whole fam at this time, anyway. Since I much prefer breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner, I’m fine with this. I’m pretty big on dessert too [: Tonight I’ll probably have a little Soy Delicious, Vanilla or Neopolitan, with one of my homemade Vegetarian Times low fat chocolate chip cookies – mine came out to be 85 calories each. 

Today turned out to be 1,045 calories, or 945 net. A little low, but I’m an underestimator! [: 

Au revoir. ❤

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