Vegan Cookies Galore!

Heyy, there! I finally have a picture to share, although I wish I had taken more today.

Although it was a Friday, a school day, my mom wanted me to go to the Northwest Flower (I just typed ‘flour’!) & Garden Show with her and my aunt today. It was in Seattle at the Convention & Trade Center, which I THINK I’ve been to before, but could be wrong. Anyway, we were relatively unimpressed – for $20 a person, there wasn’t all THAT much to see. It was beautiful, however, and I’m glad I went. We walked everywhere, which I loved – exercise without actually taking time to exercise. I ran a quick three miles yesterday but haven’t done my usual five miles since Tuesday. I actually probably won’t have a good workout until Sunday or Monday as I have plans all tomorrow. 

Anyway, afterwards, the three of us went out to lunch at a little Thai place called Mae Phim Thai Cuisine. It was somewhere around Pike and we stumbled upon it, hungry, with my ever ravenous appetite for Thai food. I got a rice noodles & vegetable dish with tofu, a little bit of an indulge compared to my usual sauteéd veggies with tofu. Gotta love the tofu though – I just am not too fond of preparing it myself. Not that I’ve given it many tries, but whatever. I will, as I have a package of firm tofu in my fridge at the moment.

Back to the day – after our lunch, we walked down through Pike Place Market. It was cold today, in the 40’s, but sunny, and the market gets tons of sun. I introduced my aunt to the Gum Wall, which she found amusing, then bought a massive, DELICIOUS vegan Snickerdoodle cookie from a bakery in the market. I couldn’t resist and it was worth every calorie. I wish I had gotten a picture!  I snuck little pieces of it out of my bag on the way to the ferry, enjoying it slowly. 

We took the Seattle/Bainbridge ferry back to ‘our side’ of the water, drove to Poulsbo, and stopped at my favorite grocery store, Central Market. It is pretty much the ONLY well stocked, health foodish store in Kitsap County. No Whole Foods, PCC Foods, Trader Joe’s, NOTHING! I’m so deprived. Anyway, I stocked up on lemon and peppermint extract (more on that in a minute), Bob’s whole wheat pastry flour, WholeSoy soy yogurt, Silk soy milk (my favorite), bananas, apples, lemons, acorn squash, and a few other things. Once I got home, I immediately decided to bake cookies!

I recently received The Joy of Vegan Baking as a gift from my mom. I want to make every recipe in the book, eventually! Today I made Double Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies. Oh. My. God. Heavenly! Ener-G Egg Replacer, Smart Balance Light, Splenda brown sugar blend, organic unrefined granulated sugar (bought it bulk from Central), vanilla & peppermint extracts, whole wheat pastry flour, unsweetened cocoa, baking soda, and 2/3 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips made up the cookies. They are sooooo good! The recipe said it would make 1 1/2 dozen cookies, rounded teaspoon sized, yet my batch yielded about 45! Gotta love that, brings the calorie count waaaaaaay down. In fact, I calculated this batch to be 60 calories per cookie! I cooked them just long enough and am very proud. Crispy, crunchy, chewy, soft, all at the same time. Pictures?!

Hopefully I can get them to work. I’m no food photographer, but these are some beautiful cookies! (And I’ll improve eventually, give me a chance.) 

I had leftover Thai for dinner. Also a sugar free soy latte from Starbucks for breakfast. And my Puffins/Kashi Puffs/Silk soy milk/banana breakfast cereal this morning. I brought a LäraBar as a snack, but didn’t eat it. It was a Chocolate Coconut Chew though, a flavor I’m eager to try.

Having a friend over tonight- she loves everything mint so I’m excited for her to try my cookies!! 

Au revoir. ❤

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