For breakfast this morning, I had chocolate banana peanut butter oats! I used 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 small banana, teeny bit of peanut butter, topped with, I don’t know- 1/3 cup Puffins – and a bit of some chocolate peanut butter frosting I made for cupcakes a while ago & never used. Next time, I’ll omit the peanut butter cause I couldn’t taste it – or just put it on top as opposed to stirring it in.

img_0192Also, I stirred in a tablespoon of flaxseeds.

img_0195Deeelicious. Problem is – about 350 calories of delicious. This held me over from 5:45 to about 4:00 pm with minor stomach growls though, so maybe it’s worth it.

After school, I went driving with my mom – got my permit on Wednesday so this was exciting! I love driving, it’s really enthralling so far, hahah. I’m terrified of parallel parking though.. 

When I got home, I started baking MORE muffins – this time Lemon Poppyseed for my sister in law, Jill. She’s three months pregnant with my second niece/nephew! So excited.<333 We’re going to visit my niece, Camille, Jill, and my brother Aaron tomorrow. I didn’t want to come empty handed!


I also had apple & peanut butter as well as a bunch more snacks – too many. ]: I also was scheduled to go out for Thai food with my friend, so this was baaaad Kasey.. 

I talked myself into ordering something more indulgent than sautéed veggies & tofu, but now I’m regretting it so much. I got sweet & sour tofu with veggies (definitely vegan, no worries there). It was fried though and I NEVER eat fried foods. I’m not overly full or anything but my mind is driving me insaaaane. I want to get on the treadmill RIGHT now but my mom won’t let me.. Ugh. Sometimes I wish I was as carefree as my friends when it comes to calories. I don’t have that super fast kid metabolism, unfortunately.. 

I’m trying to stop beating myself up.


I also made chocolate raspberry cookies and had a very small one. They’re whole wheat, low in fat, and almost sugar free so it should be okay..

Tomorrow, I want to go running in the morning before we leave for my brother’s house, hopefully I can. And I need to stop stressing. What’s done is done – I’m allowed to indulge.. 

Au revoir.<3

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